I haven’t been posting, because there hasn’t been much to say. The first week of the new semester is past; I had my last new class yesterday at 10:30. Now I can catch my breath and take my bearings.

Over the summer semester I work two 11-hour days, and a couple of hours on Saturday. That’s it. So, I’m trying/hoping/praying to dig up some more tutoring students. But it’s summer, so the student population is sparse. Sigh.

So, let’s see how I fared with my goals:

Junk food – I’ve done better on the chocolate, despite the teasing of my roommate. Another thing I’ve done is purchase a new lunch box. It’s a vertical bento box system from a company called Zojirushi. Here’s a link in case anyone’s interested in making it easier to take a healthy lunch. 


And speaking of healthy, my British roommate/partner introduced me to Marmite. Oh my goodness. It’s amazing. It actually tastes somewhat like meat, but it’s really good for boosting your B vitamins. So he says. I know that it’s really good with buttered toast, a small bit of Marmite, and a slice of cheese. Nummy.

Planning – I discovered over the past couple of days that it’s so much easier to find out what my characters are doing if I interview them. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that. And, I learned that my romantic lead left a family history of being part of a traveling circus to go to Brown University and double-major in Accounting and Economics. Who knew?

Studying – Trigonometry is sliding into my brain, which is going to be essential to pass my FTCE exam in August. I haven’t scheduled it yet, but that’s my plan. I get a three-week break between semesters at that point, so I’ll have a real opportunity to focus.


3 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. I’ve found interviewing to be helpful, too, when a character seems to be more closed than I wish they were.

    I love the circus-performer- becomes -college-student discovery. There’s a lot of potential for conflict and color in that!

    I’m glad you’ve gotten to a place where you can breathe and think again. Sending you wishes for tutoring business!

    And hooray fro new food discoveries! =)

    • Thanks, Shan! That was a really interesting food discovery, I can tell you. The vertical bento system arrived this afternoon, and now I’m sitting here wondering what in the world I’m going to put in it tomorrow!

      Enjoy your week!

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