Life is Mise en Place

Yup, that was my epiphany today. Things work better for me when I have a plan when I write. So, I got wacked upside the head today with the fact that life might be better that way too. Of course, it could also be my REALLY dominant Capricorn coming out to play. I’ll give it a shot, and we’ll see what happens.

For goals, let’s see…

CampNano – done, and I validated at around 58K. Pleased about that.

Studying for FTCE Exam – going okay. I’ve been surprising myself because I’m understanding some parts of Trigonometry that I never understood before (idenitities – blech).

Shopping – Nope. No paycheck until next Friday.

Planning for Murder By Magic – Did a little. I’m possibly changing on of the villains to a friendly coworker. Gotta ponder on that for a while.

Junk Food – epic fail. My roommate, bless his black flabby little heart, has been bringing home bags and bags of Cadbury’s mini eggs. He really wanted to stock up before the shelves emptied after Easter. Frankly, I think he had a huge hand in it. I’ve cut back on the coffee and going out, which is good, but who knew those darned little eggs could be so addictive???

I told him to hide them from me. I found his hiding place today, by accident. He put four huge bags in my closet. On a clothes hanger. Right at eye level. 


See everyone on Sunday, and happy writing!!


4 thoughts on “Life is Mise en Place

    • Morning, Ryan. So far so good…I haven’t touched a single one. And, since the bags are hanging from a hanger that also carries a shirt I don’t particularly like, it’s just one more reason not to touch it!

      Have a wonderful day!

    • Thanks, John.

      I didn’t realize I liked math – or had an aptitude for it – until college. And it didn’t occur to me to teach it until AFTER I graduated with a degree in History/Humanities. Oops. But being single again, I’m attempting to turn that love of math into another income stream. (Posting about it later today – stay tuned!)

      Have a great day.

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