Jumping In Again…

I’ve been away for a while – unexpected life events, becoming overwhelmed, things like that. So much so that I haven’t looked at my email in months, and have over 40K of unread emails to get through. Yep. In the process of doing that I was online this morning and the Round 4 Signup post was at the top of the list.


I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten  how much writing means to me. I’d forgotten how easy it is to get sucked into the downward swirly of everyday life and ignore everything that makes life ultimately worthwhile.

So I’m back.

This is a great time to come back, too. Nano is on the horizon (Yay!!). My month of plotting begins in less than a week. I find that I’m raring to go.

In the spirit of assuaging my spirits I’m taking the plunge with both feet. I’ll have two goals, but each one will be taking place at a different time.

First, between now and Halloween, I’m going to make SURE I have all the planning done that I want to organize before Nano. During Nano, I’m going to go for a daily goal of 2K words. I don’t think that’s too difficult, and with any luck, I’ll get more. After Nano, I’m planning on continuing with the daily word count of 2K.

This will prove all the more interesting since I’ve recently rescued two kittens. They’ve taken their cues from my older Russian Blue, who immediately taught them deep and abiding disrespect for my keyboard and anything my fingers happen to be doing on it.

I write in Scrivener. My automatic save button is set for 2 seconds of inactivity. I know where the undo button is – essential when you have kittens/cats – and now it’s time.

Here goes!


Series and Psychopaths—The Author Sadist & Why Audiences LOVE the Pain

Here’s an amazing analysis that, as a writer, might shift your perspective 180 degrees!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.18.35 AM Mads Mikkelsen in “Hannibal”

Hubby and I are now careening through Hannibal, which is some of the most amazing writing I’ve ever seen. I would have never believed any actor could even rival Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, but…? Mads Mikkelsen might actually be better. I don’t know if I have ever felt so conflicted about a character. Hannibal is a stone-cold killer, but then I catch myself rooting for him?

Wait…no, he’s the BAD GUY. Right?

I’m so confused *head desk*

Yet, this series is such a prime example of why series are superlative storytelling. Instead of containing a character like Lecter to 90-120 minutes, we now have what no movie can offer…TIME. This allows for a layering, a depth, an exploration we always craved, even if we weren’t entirely aware of it at the time.

I find it harder to make snap judgements (like I do…

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Okay, so I’m hanging my head in shame. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted. There’s no excuse. Well, maybe one…

My new job had me working seven days a week, for as many hours as I could manage. (Talk about breaking your brain!)

After a hectic, albeit broke, holiday season, I ended up getting a job in an accounting firm that does broker’s audits. Wow…talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool! I’d never had any auditing experience, but I ended up in an Olympic-sized pool at the edge of the highest diving board. With hurricane force winds at my back.

When I accepted this job, it was under the assumption that once audit season was over, my hours would be cut from 40 to around 30-35. I accepted that. After all, I also teach algebra at a local college. Things were not as advertised, however…

The deadline for broker’s audits – without extensions – was this past Monday at midnight. There were only a couple of audits that had to go on extension, and my portion of those audits was already completed.

So, guess what happened next?

Yep. I’m looking for a new job, because there was no work for me to do.

I’ve got a couple of interviews set for Monday. Yesterday I had my hair cut and styled in preparation, and this weekend I’m going to shop for clothes. After all, I’ve been wearing jeans for the past 10 years at my teaching job. Heck, even at the CPA firm we wore jeans and trainers. That was really nice.

We’ll see how the new challenges turn out.

(And, my creative brain has come back since this has ended. Woo hoo!)

Are We TRULY Thankful? Unseen Blessings that Can Change Our Lives

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.37.14 AM PLEEEEAAASE. Just ONE enchilada. I will love you FOREVER!

One thing I’ve learned is that happiness is a fleeting shadow. Contentment and gratitude are all that last. When circumstances dictate how we feel? Just accept that life is going to feel as if we are strapped to Hell’s Tilt-A-Whirl.

Because cats will never puke on tile instead of carpet, cars break, sinks leak, pipes bust, bills come, illness happens, kids act up, family WILL make us nuts, work will suck, some people will NEVER learn not to CC ALL in an e-mail, and the news will always be filled with the worst examples of “humanity.” EVERY network will spew doom, gloom, division, hate and hopelessness.

On the other side of that?

We also live in a society that tells us everything should be a highlight reel, that everyone ELSE is living a highlight reel, when truth is? That’s a…

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Feeling Vile

Today is not turning out to be a good day. Had an argument with my roommate this morning. Haven’t written in a couple of days. I was really ahead on my Nano score (just over 17,000 words) but now I think I’m behind.


It seems like the world is falling to pieces, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to deal with any willful stupidity on the part of anyone today, least of all my students. And, horror of horrors, Starbucks may be partnering up with Monsanto. If horror, by definition, is the corruption of something good, then Starbucks cozying up with Monsanto exemplifies it.

I can tell, just by reading this, that my fangs are popping out and my eyes have turned golden.

But on the bright side, it may be just as well to work on antagonist-focused scenes today, and purge all this from my psyche.

Time to murder some characters…

Have a productive day, everyone!

Wrestling With the Demon of Doubt

Okay, so looking at the date of my last post, I’ve been AWOL for a while. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I’ve been (paradoxically, I might add) trying to get the final plotting bits done. At the same time I’ve been doubting everything I’ve been doing.

The litany of pre-Nano jitters is the same every year: can I do this, nobody wants to read what I write, what makes me think I can be a “real” writer (whatever that is), blah, blah, and blah again.

It didn’t get any better yesterday. I was literally afraid to put my fingers to the keys because I didn’t think I could just do it.

Today everything changed.

It’s now 3:33 p.m. So far today I’ve been able to do 5,534 words. That’s more than one-tenth of Nano done! And the day’s not over.

I think I’m going to go pound on the keyboard some more.