So, as anyone who has been reading my blog knows, I’m doing a series bible. It’s for my Scrolls of Rassa series. Quite frankly, it’s a lot more work than I ever envisioned.

I decided they wouldn’t be using money on Rassa. That frees up people to actually do the jobs they like, rather than the jobs they think they must do in order to support a family. For instance, remember Felix Unger from the original Odd Couple? His OCD tendencies would probably make him a landscaper or garbage collector on my planet. It would give him the most satisfaction to keep things clean and organized. Good for him. We need people like that.

The people here don’t compete for money – they compete for reputation. In addition, there is a world-wide competition once a year that takes place in the capital city, where the best of the purveyors of everything compete for the right to supply the ruling family/castle for the next year. That gives them the right to put a plaque on the wall saying “By special appointment to the Keeper of Rassa, (name), in the year (date).” Depending on what the winner produces, they might be shipping things up to the castle every day or so, or maybe once a month or once a quarter.

I’m having a good time working this idea around.

See everyone Sunday!


Round 2 Goals

I’ve got just one goal this round – work on my series bible for The Scrolls of Rassa. I’m working on it for Camp Nano this month, but as I’ve gotten going, I’ve realized it’s going to take more than a month.

So, here we go…

See you Sunday!

Issuing an Invitation

So, my writing partner Olivia and I just got an invitation to Camp Nano. For those who don’t know, it’s another opportunity to make yourself crazy for a month trying to deliver on what most would consider impossible goals. (We know better, don’t we?)

She and I both write paranormal/paranormal suspense/paranormal romances. We’re going to get a “cabin” during April for this craziness. We need two more people to share the lunacy with, because the cabins hold four people.

Any takers? We’ll have virtual everything, from favorite snacks to favorite alcohol. The conversation will be good, the writing will be sparkling, and goals will be met and then exceeded.

Speaking of goals…

Regarding my ROW goals, I’m off my back, breathing, and back at Starbucks working. Of course, I left my TB drive at home, so everything I’m doing today is in Word, and I’ll transfer it when I get home, which will be about 11 hours from now. I’m thinking I should be making a checklist before I pack my stuff.

Have a wonderfully productive week. See y’all on Sunday!

Masochistic Tendencies…

Is anyone out there crazy enough to get sucked in to the June clambake that is Camp NanoWrimo?

One of my “friends” pointed it out to me the other day. Now, she knows that I have enormous difficulty turning down anything that has to do with writing. It doesn’t matter that I’m involved with our 80 days event. Nope. Not a bit. She’s luring me into the woods with the promise of more words. I can feel her emanating her peculiar brand of treacherous glee from here.

But is it really treacherous? Is it a quicksand-ridden meadow that hides the death of plot, or something that will help me achieve my final goal – a published novel? There’s only one way to find out. Be as brave as Sam Gamgee and put one foot out there, beyond anything I’ve ever attemped before.

So, sure, what the heck…I’ll give it a shot. Two challenges at once. More words, more craziness; not a problem. I think.

The only thing I can be sure of at this point is that I’m most definitely insane. And I don’t think there’s anyone here who would disagree with me.

But, just in case you want to hang out in a cabin in the woods with me for the month of June, look me up. I promise – we’ll have fun. And I promise – no mosquitos..

(Now if I could only make sure to get my Calculus done…)