The Scrolls of Rassa


So far, things are going very well with the series bible. I really didn’t understand how important it was to thoroughly understand and plan your world/universe before you went ahead with your story. I’m enjoying this a great deal, much more than I ever believed I would. I know this sounds a bit weird, but it’s like being an addict. The more I do in the world, the more I WANT to do. Wow. So totally unexpected…

On a side note (sort of) I got a Samsung S6 on Friday, and I was able to take story notes this morning while I was waiting to meet a friend for breakfast.

To paraphrase a commercial, “I’m as giddy as a wee lass on St. Cavendish day!” (Is there a St. Cavendish day??)

See everyone Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “The Scrolls of Rassa

  1. Hi There, great to hear that you are enjoying ROW80. I love the fact that with ROW80 you can set goals and targets and over the course of the week see those goals become ever closer to achieve. Good luck with all your goals. 🙂

    • Hi Ronetw. I generally enjoy Row80, but I have to say I opted out last time. Tax season had me concentrating on other things. Now that the audits are done (I was doing broker audits) I can get back to writing. Thanks for the good wishes.

        • I’m one of those terribly Type-A people; all that organized stuff works for me. I think that’s why I like Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering and Story Physics. It’s probably why I also use Scrivener, Contour and Dramatica Pro for story stuff. Y’know, just reading that makes me think that I do WAY too much planning… (g)

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