My momentum has slowed down quite a bit in the past couple of days – I’ve only gotten two new scenes outlined. And I think I might know why.

Alexandra Sokoloff, one of the brightest people out there (as far as I’m concerned) regarding writing and the how-to’s behind it, has been doing her Nano-prep postings on her blog. I’ve got both her writing books and I find them extraordinarily useful. But when I read her recent blog entry, it reminded me that I haven’t been able to wrap my head around sequences.

They puzzle me. Sequences kind of remind me of Acts, but smaller. Or like scenes, but larger. And yet, they have beginnings, middles, and ends, so I’m told.

I’m trying to rip into them, with Alex’s analysis of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. After that, I’m going to try it on my own with “Red.”

But, if anyone has any light to shed on this subject that, to me, is as muddy as the Mississippi, I’d be more than grateful to absorb any pears of wisdom you care to throw my way.

See you Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Sequences

  1. No pearls(or pears) of wisdom here. I tend to think in scenes, or even smaller moments, when I’m plotting. It probably unfolds in sequences as I write, but I’ve never thought too much about it. Hope you can work it out and make more progress with your outline. 🙂

    • Morning, Fallon. Wow, that sounds like it really works for you. It occurs to me after reading your response that I might have to just think about it like a movie – “Okay, if this was a film, what would I most likely be seeing next?” kind of thing. Thanks for the help! I’m glad you stopped by.

      See you Sunday.

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