I’ve got this character – you’ve all met her. She’s an Egyptologist named Hayleigh who has been dealing with death threats for a while.

It turns out her mother went out and purchased a light pink Ladysmith 9 mm after Hayleigh lost her Glock. So, Hayleigh has to concealed carry. This involved research.

I had no idea that most holsters for concealed carry were designed by men. Now, no offense men, but your bodies are quite different from ours. Then, one of my students introduced me to the Flashbang concealed holster. (I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in any company that either designed and/or sells the Flashbang.)

The Flashbang is a small holster that is fastened to a woman’s bra. There are several videos on YouTube as to how it’s used. It’s worth noting that this holster was designed by a woman, and a lot of women seem to like it. At least, that’s what I gathered from a couple of Google searches and watching some videos.

Research can really lead to some interesting things!

See you Wednesday!


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