Priestly Update

I have to confess (ouch, didn’t mean to pun there) I really haven’t gotten very far on my detangling of the priestly dilemma. The only thing I’ve been able to come up with so far is that it will make the coven less cohesive, and therefore less effective, when they try to tackle a huge assignment that MUST be successful. Their leader MUST be healed.

And, it will make the heroine more adamant about leaving again to keep everyone safe. She says, “see, I come back, and people start dying. Just like they threatened before.” Of course, she has to stay. Sounds rather problematic, doesn’t it?

I’ve almost made my word count on my Camp Nano goal, which was 20K. I’m up around 19.5K, so I figure I’ll be taking care of that today in between seeing students.

I’ve only exercised once. Although I didn’t declare it as an official goal, I’m still trying to keep it in the back of my head so I get some treadmill time in. The last thing I want to do is walk outside in Florida in the summer. Blech. I hate to sweat. Surprisingly, I slept really well that one night. Not so much since.

Okay, it’s about time for students to come in, so I’m off. See you on Sunday, and have a wonderfully creative end of the week!


4 thoughts on “Priestly Update

  1. Oh, am I so very late in visiting! Sorry, Lara. It was my husband’s big vacation of the year, and I took the time away from online things to be family…

    Wish I’d stopped in sooner though… Sounds like you’ve got a heavy conundrum brewing for your characters. And some serious emotional pressure building for one in particular. Should make for exciting reading.

    I hear you about the heat, sweat and sleep. You probably slept better because you got out and heated up your muscles and exercised though. As much as I hate feeling sweaty, I find I sleep a lot better afterward. Hopefully you can get those treadmill visits in on a semi-regular basis.

    • Hi Eden, nice to see you. I’m really glad you got some good family time in. It’s so important, and you can never make it up.

      Pressure is heating up for sure. I think I’m going to make the heroine’s gun pink. It’s been purchased by her mother because Hayleigh lost hers in Egypt after she was shot. Mom is something of a fashionista. (g)

      One more month (or so) until it starts cooling off again. Woo hoo!

      Thanks for coming by. Talk to you soon!!

      • A pink gun sounds like a fashionista’s dream. I have to say, I’m envisioning more of a sparkle thing, but that could just be me and the art project my son was doing earlier.

        As for cool… You’re welcome to some of ours. It’s been a pretty chill summer up here. Today’s the hottest day in a few weeks and it’s only expected to be a high of 78.

        Later! *waves*

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