Another “Duh!” Moment

I had a great day yesterday. I spent all my writing time working on a fabulous scene that took place in a confessional. The antagonist wanted absolution for a crime she had yet to commit and she ended up threatening to blackmail the priest, who what some would consider unforgivable skeletons in his closet.

So, wonderful scene, great fun to write. I left Starbucks feeling like I’d actually accomplished something. Then, later last night after cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, a realization stopped my dead in my tracks on the way to the living room.

Why the heck was she blackmailing the priest? I hadn’t the foggiest idea. Was it because she claimed the right to commit murder under the ancient law of Lex Talionis? And how does this move the story forward? The priest isn’t the protagonist – he’s just an ally.


You can tell it’s Monday. I’m at Starbucks, with coffee at my right hand. After I prep for the student I’m seeing later on this afternoon, I’ve got to work out this priestly problem.

I’ll let you know what happens on Wednesday.

Have a fun, productive day!


4 thoughts on “Another “Duh!” Moment

    • Hi Harliqueen! It definitely twisted something in my brain, for sure. I just stopped in my tracks, head cocked with a quizzical look on my face, and my brain full of “WTF…???” I’ve gotta say, it was rather unnerving for a moment.

      But, my prepping for my student is done, and I’m about to rip into the confessional again and see what I can do.

      Thanks for coming by! Have a marvelous day.

    • Hi John. You’re right – I fixed it. She double-tapped him with a Sig and he bled out in front of the altar. She’s one loco bugger.

      Gotta have the coffee to fuel the fiction. I wonder how many other writers depend on it?

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day, and, in case you’re in Florida, stay dry. It’s already looking ominous here.

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