An Upside-Down Universe


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Not that I’ve been drinking, upside down or otherwise, mind. But it sure feels like it. I’ve had four hours of sleep (approximately) over the past two days. Not good. Blame the cat for that one – fun wasn’t even involved. Now who feels gypped? My first three shots of espresso have yet to kick in (it’s only been an hour – maybe I need more?) but I feel like I’m going to burst out giggling any moment. Hmm. I’m sure someone can/should analyze that, but it’s not gonna be me. Not today.

So, this is pretty much stream-of-consciousness. The only thing I have planned for the next round (so far) is Camp Nano in July.Ā 

Here’s something to make you smile – I had a twelve-hour-shift teaching math yesterday. I had a question about a vertical intercept (for those of you who don’t know, it’s to do where the line of the graph crosses the y (vertical) axis. Okay. So, I’m answering the question, and I’m writing things on the board and labeling them, and when it gets to that portion of the question I write “verticept.” Huh? What the heck is that?

I step back, head cocked, and I’m looking at the board, wondering where the hiccup in my brain went. Meanwhile, the students are practically cheering, thinking that’s a great word, and it labels the item perfectly. Okay. So, I left it up there, went to my desk, got onto Google and looked up the word. Nope. Nothing. Except the name of a company somewhere in New Zealand. I guess we invented a new math word. Go, us!

I did make some progress in planning, but I didn’t meet my goal to post every time. But I think I got better.

Here’s to next round!


9 thoughts on “An Upside-Down Universe

  1. Yay for sleep-deprivation inspired new words! A friend of mine created the word ‘meanderthal’ to describe how we meander around work once we hit the midnight hour.

    • Morning, Kathy. That’s a great word – I think I’ll add that to my lexicon. One of my students just came in, so I have to scoot.

      Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Alberta. I think we should – after all, if the OED can add “bling-bling” to it’s word list, we can certainly make changes, too!

    Enjoy your weekend! I’m taking an entire day tomorrow to do nothing but write. Wow, what luxury!

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