It’s Humpday!

Too bad I don’t have an obnoxious camel. No, it’s been a great few days. I’ve been kept very busy in class with my students, and we’ve had a great time. I blew some minds with my algebra students. They had to do a quotient problem, so I showed them the long way they were supposed to learn f(x) = f(x+h) – f(x) / h and then I showed them the quickie calculus version. They were amazed – they realized they could understand some calculus and they thought it was easy. So much fun…

So, to update the rest of my world.

FTCE – Not a bit of anything. It’s hanging out in the background.

Shopping – Nothing. Still no paycheck this week.

Junk Food – Better, but not great. No chips. Turning down those bloody Cadbury mini-eggs. Ordered pizza tonight, but it tasted terrible and I left it for my roommate. I had toast and hummus and a glass of skim milk. I’ve gotten to the point were full fat milk and 2% actually feel too cloying for me. Never thought that would happen.

Planning – Yesterday I finished setting up my world building template, using Patricia Wrede’s world building questions. The next step is to begin filling them out. Since I have at least 4 books in the series, I’d better get the groundwork down and planned really well so I don’t screw up halfway through. Readers never take you seriously when that happens. My horribly obsessive organizational brain needs to have a good foundation from which to jump off into the creative abyss!

Nice – I’ve forgotten since the beginning of the challenge that I had another goal. I was supposed to be being nice to myself. I guess I’m doing okay with that. Somehow (I don’t know how) I shoved a bunch of stress off my shoulders. I literally visualized taking my arms, shoving them away from me, and stress fell away. It only took once for it to settle in.

Tomorrow I’m going to spend half the day working on answering my world building questions, and the other half of the day I’ll work on study guides (all in between student questions, of course!).

See everyone Sunday!


5 thoughts on “It’s Humpday!

  1. Nice progress on your goals. I agree that planning before starting a series is essential. There will always be a few surprises on the journey, but it’s nice to have a map before you start. The first series I ever started, I didn’t do any planning before hand, and I’m still rewriting the first book. Planning would’ve helped.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Denise. I’ve been spending most of the afternoon in a fog after only getting a couple of hours sleep last night. The only thing I’ve accomplished creatively is finding photos of a mansion I’m going to use for the home base in Egypt. (Of course, right now it’s located in Ft. Lauderdale…)

    Have a great day!

  3. I stopped my math progression before I hit calculus, but my teenage son has been in pre-cal this year and learned a lot. I’m impressed by mathematically savvy people.

    I agree that world-building has to be pretty solid, especially with four books where you can forget stuff by book four what you did in book one. That’s one of the definite concerns with series. Best wishes with those questions. I like your approach! Have a marvelous round!

    • Thanks, Julie. I never thought about math as something I was good at until I took some college courses as a (very) adult student. It came as a pleasant surprise.

      I like to do world building. It keeps things real for me, much more concrete and viable.

      Have a great holiday!

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