Living Lackadasically

Yeah, that’s been me for the past few days. My high-school students are beginning their final exams, so I’ve been focusing on them rather than fiction (for the most part).

And, I’ve wasted (waisted) time watching a British show on YouTube called F4t Families. Talk about motivating for weight loss!! I’m kind of addicted to it. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, it’s an amazing show to watch.

Junk food – Hmm. That’s a toss up, with the coin probably coming down on the wrong side. Yesterday I made homemade macaroni and cheese with some lovely sharp cheddar and peccorino-romano. Came out great. Made me sick as a dog. It turns out it’s comfort food – just not for me. Andy loved it, though.

Anti junk food – I found a great recipe for enchilada sauce. Now, I love, LOVE, love enchiladas. It’s too expensive to buy them all the time, so this is fabulous. I made it, and it came out perfect!!! Now, I can make enchiladas (just the guts, I don’t care about the tortillas) any time I want, for less money, and with better ingredients. Talk about a win-win! That definitely trumps the macaroni and cheese digestive fiasco…

Shopping – Nothing. No paycheck this week.

FTCE – I worked just a little. I’m looking forward to stepping that up this week. I do have several math study guides to create this week, so I’m not sure how realistic that actually is. Stay tuned.

Trigonometry – Again, not much. Hopefully it will be better over the next few days, but the study guides might put a stop to that.

Planning – I’m setting up a template in OneNote using Patricia Wrede’s Worldbuilding Questions. Doing that has helped my brain do some deep background planning that seems to be working out well. Since several books take place in this universe, I think taking the time to do this in-depth will be time well spent.

Have a great night, and I’ll see y’all on Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Living Lackadasically

  1. It doesn’t sound lackadaisical to me! It seems like you’re moving forward, but also stopping to take a few breaths here and there. Those finals – sounds like they’re consuming enough to use up most of your energy, all by themselves.

    May this week bring forward progress, and some fun, too!

    • Thanks, Shan. Actually, while working on the worldbuilding questions, one sparked a random thought: What if the accepted social norm was to offer your wife to a traveler as the highest form of respect and hospitality? So, then the highest form of wife would be one who may be trained from childhood on in the style of an ancient Greek hetarae?

      Yeah, don’t know where I might go with that…

      Enjoy your day!

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