Can We Have An Almost-Darwin Award?

I’ve not gotten a lot of planning — or writing — done since Sunday. This is probably due to private students who’ve been taking up a lot of my time.

Of course, it could really be the fact that I woke up to a flooded apartment yesterday morning. We’re talking wet ceilings, streaks down the walls like paranormal goo from Ghostbusters, and carpets that are wet enough to cover your feet when you step on them.

This was not good.

Now, some of you may know that I have vampires living above me. At least, that’s the current theory. These guys sleep all day and stay up all night. The flood finally confirmed our suspicions. Here’s why. They are technological virgins.

Apparently (according to maintenance) one of them decided to do laundry around one o’clock in the morning. A hose blew and started spewing water everywhere. The guy did not know how to turn it off and didn’t think maintenance would come out in the middle of the night, so he just went to bed.

See what I mean about the technology?

I went upstairs to see if they were okay, and there was a yellow sticky on the door. It said “carpet is soaked.” No one answered when I knocked. I guess they were deeply asleep.

Now I have five large fans and a huge dehumidifier in my apartment, scheduled to run continuously for at least three days.

Continuously. Three days.

Carpets are flapping rhythmically in a heavy wind. My cat is running around with perpetually bugged-out eyes, and I’m going to have some lovely scars where she’s tried to climb my leg.


But there are good things that have come out of this mess. One, I may get a new carpet – which I needed anyway. Two, I’m going to have a helluva scene to put somewhere.


See everyone Sunday. Hopefully from somewhere dry.


4 thoughts on “Can We Have An Almost-Darwin Award?

    • Hi Erin. Luckily, it was the professionals that did the clean up. My roommate and I did some shifting of stuff, but even the water damage people did some of that. Go, guys! (g) I’m just waiting for the noise to go down so I can get some sleep.

      Have you heard the song (I think it’s called “Flagpole Sitta”) that has a line “been around the world and found that only stupid people were breeding…? Sounds like some neighbors of mine!

      But think of the scene I’ll be able to write!! Woo hoo!! Thanks for commenting!

  1. Oy! I admit, I’d have a hard time finding the shut-off valve for every single water-using appliance in the house. But at least I know such a thing exists.

    I was a Resident Director in a dormitory about ten years ago, and a big pipe burst in a wing while the students were on break. It was in a maintenance room to which I had no key… but we could see the perfect storm inside through the tiny window in the door. Fortunately security came to help, and called maintenance, who called a plumber…twas an adventure.

    • Morning, AmyBeth. That does not sound like fun! I feel much better today – I got some sleep last night. I’m sure my students will appreciate the functionality today. I think. Let me just run downstairs and get some coffee…

      Thanks for coming by and commenting, AmyBeth!

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