One POed Werewolf

I’m having one of those 10 hour work days today. In a lull, I decided to work on a scene that I’ve been putting off. A bunch of bandits are about to raid an archaeological site and attack the people that are there.

One of the werewolf guards, who’s feeling kind of unsettled, decides to shift and do some hunting. She does, and then she comes across the bandits. All of a sudden the scene is from her perspective, and she’s totally pissed with herself because she’s in wolf form and she can’t yell for help.

This could come out to be a very funny scene. I’ll let you know on Sunday!


4 thoughts on “One POed Werewolf

  1. If she’s a werewolf guard and her fellow guards know this, shouldn’t they know if she raises a howl?

    Not sure (since I’m not writing this) what the actual problem is, but that’s what your “job” as the author is… to make all the problems make sense. 😀 Glad you had the chance to take advantage of the lull.

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