Overwhelmed in a Maelstrom

Ever have those periods where it seems as though the more you do, the further you fall behind? That’s where I am right now. There’s a whole litany of things I need to accomplish – in every area of my life – in a two-month time frame. Whew!

So, thinking about that this morning led me to an epiphany. Since I’ve not been feeling like I’ve been accomplishing anything, maybe I should make a daily list of those things I actually do get done, and that might keep things in perspective and reduce my stress level. Okay, sounds good. I’ll get to that today.

I had an idiotic event turn into an unexpected benefit yesterday. I’d done a scene for “Ashes of Light and Shadow.” Now, I was working at Starbucks and drinking lots of coffee. So, I finished my edits – it was a scene I’d written a few months ago – then filed the wrong copy, and tore up the edited version. I thew it out, and then dropped my coffee cup on top of it. Oops.

Yeah, that sounds bad, right? But during the re-edits, I found more places for good foreshadowing and a couple of sentences that really helped the character development. So, a boneheaded move actually worked out for the best.

Wow. Nothing like being caught up in a maelstrom. See you Wednesday evening.


4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed in a Maelstrom

  1. I hear you. I sometimes feel like there are so many things I should be doing. If I’m overwhelmed, I try to step back and pick a couple things to accomplish each day. If I can cross two things off my list for that day–anything from writing 1,000 words to getting the car washed to cleaning the fridge–I call that day a win.

    I’m glad you were able to find a silver lining in your mishap. I probably would’ve been crabby the rest of the day, but you totally turned it into something positive. That’s awesome!

    • Hi Denise. Thanks for the compliment. I totally agree – just a couple of things off the list can make you feel so good! Yeah, I need to clean the fridge too. Somehow, I always keep putting that one off. And I have to begin packing to move. My lease is up in two months. Well, life wouldn’t be so interesting if there weren’t hurdles to jump.

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