Stuck In Neutral

This has not been a good week. I couldn’t think of anything to post on Wednesday that didn’t smack of a ginormous, continuous whine. So, rather than subject you all to that, I decided to bow out.

I’ve not had any luck taking that page from the WIP tab and finding a way to get the new scenes for “The Day of Choosing” automatically sent to my subscribers. Any help or advice will be gratefully welcomed. Conversely, if any of you subscribe and you DID receive it, please let me know so that I know my blog is working okay. (I’m not holding out much hope for that, though.)

I’m here at Starbucks, and it’s 8:53 in the morning. My first coffee is near my right hand, and my goal is to actually get some work done. Worldbuilding, character work, continue the next scene for putting up on my WIP section. Something. Can you tell I’m begging the creativity gods to wake up and smell the Starbucks along with me? 

One of the reasons I’ve not gotten a lot done this week is because all my math classes are doing exams this week, and my students are going batshit crazy. In fact, I’m expecting another one to meet with me in two hours for some extra help.

Let’s see how much creative work I can squeeze in between analyzing functions and graphs.

Here’s to next Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Stuck In Neutral

  1. Here’s hoping this week goes better. I have days where I spin my wheels and I seem to make little progress. One thing I’ve found is that when I do become unstuck, I find that those moments sometimes yield unexpected solutions. While I didn’t put as many words on the page as I wanted to, some part of my brain was problem-solving–creating solutions for scenes that didn’t work or figuring out what will happen a few chapters down the road. So it’s not always a bust.

    Have a wonderful week, Lara!

  2. Hi Denise. And you’re absolutely right – a different part of my brain is problem-solving. One of my particularly effective techniques is to do math equations when I find I can’t write. It engages the other half of my brain, and gives my creative side a rest. I think I was too overloaded this week to recall that.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ll see you Wednesday – hopefully with some better news!

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