RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman

My last post was written early in the morning on Sunday because I had to get ready for an impromptu party. You might have read about that. Well, during the party, I happened to get online. Then I found out about P.S. Hoffman.

I always thought he was a marvelous actor, even from back when he did Twister. And Capote blew me away. RIP Phil. You’ll be missed.

I’ve gotten a lot of planning done over the past few days, both on Ashes of Light and Shadow and the Amish project tentatively titled Greener Pastures. I’m planning to post (soon) a short snippet called The Day of Choosing in my WORLDS (AND WORKS) IN PROGRESS section. It will be under the Chronicles of Rassa section, and it will be about the day the heroine of Fireheart finds out she’s the chosen heir to the throne.

I’d better to do some work on that right away. See everyone on Sunday.

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    • Thanks, Denise! Right now I’m in the middle of editing a scene that I’m going to be posting on the blog. I’ve been chanting to myself – “What do you see…what do you see…? Hopefully that will make me get more description in.

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