Here it is, early on Superbowl Sunday. A few of my friends have invited themselves over for the game (no, I did not see that coming…) so my day is going to be a little different than I envisioned.

I’d planned to do some writing – I actually got some draft words down for a short story tentatively called “The Day of Choosing.” It’s about the protagonist of “Fireheart,” back when she was 13, on the day she is chosen as the heir to the Rassan throne. It takes place over about 18 hours, and gives some insight into her character and impulses, I’m just planning to post it on a tab in the blog. It’s really just an introduction to the character.

A while back I found out that I really liked Amish fiction. While I was at work teaching math yesterday, I had a flash of an idea for a new story in that genre, a contemporary piece, nothing that I ever thought I would presume to write. It will take research, but it’s really calling to me, even this morning. I’m going to try to get some basic information down in Scrivener. We’ll see what happens.

On the downside this week, I’m having a problem with another one of my blogs. It’s here at WordPress, and it’s called Statesmen Not Politicians. I’ve been wondering why I never get any responses or hits or anything. I got discouraged, and just let it sit for a while. Given the purpose of the blog, I’d like to pick it up again. Several of my friends said they couldn’t find it. I don’t know how it became invisible – my settings have it as public. Has anyone ever come across this before? I sent an email to WordPress, but I haven’t heard back. Ah, another interesting thing on my list.

My goals for this round really just include planning and worldbuilding due to my having two jobs. I realized that in the Witches and Weres series, there’s not a lot of world building – it takes place here, just with “extras.” The best I can do for that is define those extras and maybe make up some history/rules about the weres. In the world building for Rassa, I’m going to use Patricia Wrede’s world building questions. I think those cover everything that I could possibly imagine.

I’m off to finish laundry and do a bit of cleaning before people come over. Have a great Superbowl (for those who enjoy that sort of thing – Go Broncos!!), enjoy the commercials and the food, and I’ll see y’all on Wednesday.

Happy writing!


16 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Amish fiction is a new one on me – must look it out. Wonder what happened to your blog – very strange, best of luck finding it. I hope you enjoy the game and party of friends:)

    • Hi Alberta! Thanks…about the Amish fiction. I really liked the Quilts of Lancaster County series. excellent characterization. they’re by Barbara Cameron.

      I’d like to find out what happened to my other blog too. I can pull it right up from my machine. Hmm…I guess I;ll have to Google it to see what I can discover.

      See you Wednesday!

  2. My mother and mother-in-law *love* Amish fiction. I’ve been meaning to read something for quite a long time.

    That’s odd about your blog disappearing. Hopefully the folks at WP can help.

    • Hi Erin. Thanks for your kind wishes about my blog. if you want to try to find it, please look for Statesmen Not Politicians. The blurb under the title should read (if it’s mine) “the law applies to everyone, or it applies to no one”. Crossed fingers.

      Ever since I was little I’ve always been drawn to the Amish culture. One time my family and I stopped at a huge market in Lancaster County. I don’t remember much about it, but I remember being very impressed. The people were all very nice. (I was also able to get Barbie clothes in pseudo-medieval styles made out of velvets and brocades. Wicked cool.)

      See you Wednesday!

  3. My wife has read a lot of Amish romances, but that’s about the only type of Amish fiction I’ve heard of.

    Hope you get your other blog going. From what I saw, it looked very good.

    • John, were you able to find the political blog as well? Was it easier for you? I’ll take any advice you care to offer.

      As far as the Amish stories are concerned. I think there are Amish mysteries. If not, I have an Amish mystery series I’m mulling over, We’ll see if I ever get around to that.

  4. I’ve never read any Amish fiction, but I’ve seen those books and have been tempted to try one out. I might just do that in the near future. I went on a New England bus trip one time, and Lancaster was one of our stops. I wonder if we went to the same market. We got to eat in an Amish restaurant, and oh, the shoo fly pie!!!

  5. Lara – Congrats on getting some writing done this week! I bet that feels good. And I think it’s a great idea to offer it as an “extra” to your Rassan series. I clicked around a bit on your WIP tab but didn’t see any info for the books in the Rassan series. Am I missing something, or are they just placeholders right now?

    • Morning, Sione. The tabs are just markers for now, but you’re right – I really have to get some stuff up there, especially since people might be looking (as you’ve shown me – thanks for that, BTW). This could be a more time-sensitive situation than I thought.

      That sounds a bit — lame — but I haven’t had any coffee yet. And that darned cat got me out of bed at five, an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off! Off to get coffee now. Have a marvelous day, and thanks for looking further into my tabs, even if nothing is up yet! I’ll get something up there ASAP.

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