So, I get an email everyday from Pixel of Ink, which shows a list of discounted and free Kindle books. Imagine my surprise when I saw Kim Harrison’s new book Pale Demon. Normally a good thing, her cover looked very familiar. Like, the picture on my blog familiar.

This is in no way disparaging of Kim Harrison or her team. I got this picture off a free website (which one, I can’t remember) so I’m going to be changing my picture to make sure there’s no inadvertent copyright issues involved here.

Sorry, Kim.

I finally figured out that the reason I’m been having so much trouble with Immortal Blood is that I really did have two main stories going on. I mentioned several months ago that I thought that might be a problem. Turns out it was. So, I have a new book with a working title of “Ashes of Light and Shadow” that comes before “Immortal Blood.” This one sets up the weres and witches better, and it sheds more light on why Parker abandoned everyone she loved.

Planning is coming easier. I’ve actually been able to pick up my pencil to get it started again. Whew! For a while I was afraid the words would never come again.

See you Wednesday!


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