Advice, Please

I need some advice from all you brilliant people out there. And, I might have asked this someplace in the distant past, but I’m not sure. I’m definitely not caffeinated enough to find it.

Anyway…I’d like to start posting stuff related to my work on the WIP section of my blog. If I put up a segment or a chapter that I may edit later and include in a larger work, will that screw up my options for any publishing other than indie publishing?

Thanks for all your opinions!

See you Sunday!


9 thoughts on “Advice, Please

  1. The wisdom used to be that posting part of a work online for free would use up your first publication rights (which is what a publisher buys) and so a publisher would not be interested after that. The first part is still true, but with so many writers online nowadays, I don’t know if the second part also holds true.

    I have heard another argument against it, though, which is that if you post first-draft work, it will not be a good reflection of your abilities as a writer — you wouldn’t want a publisher or a potential reader coming across a rough draft and thinking that’s the best you can do.

    Just some food for thought!

    • Good points, Siri. It definitely deserves a rethink. What I’m really looking to do is suck readers into my worlds. I guess I’ll have to find another way.Thanks so much for your eye-opening comment!

  2. You’re welcome! I’d suggest posting outtakes — scenes that you know won’t make it into a novel, or short stories (or even novellas) that use your characters or settings but that can be read on their own. That way you can get readers interested without giving away part of an actual novel. Good luck!

    • Hi Siri. That’s exactly what I plan to do. I thought about your advice, and I made a little list of things that might make a nice short story, pivotal points in the life of my protagonist in “Fireheart.” I’ll work on those first.

  3. Lara,

    I really don’t have any advice, but I share bits and pieces of WIPs on two blogs. I intend to publish indie or self-publish, though, and I know these pieces will under go perhaps extensive revision, so I really haven’t considered if I’m costing myself.

    I do specify when things are in rough-draft condition, so hopefully I won’t be judged solely upon those efforts. As things become more polished, it should be obvious what I’m capable of.

    I hope you make a decision you can be at peace and happy with!

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  5. I think as long as it’s a short segment, or obviously a draft, it should be okay. I’ve put up a few drafts, and snips that are not meant to be part of anything longer.

    • Thanks, Deniz. I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole with worldbuilding. The more I do, the more things that happen in that world and to the people I already know, and it goes on and on…(wow, kinda like a Journey song).

      Enjoy your day!

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