I’ve still got a cold, so I’ve not gotten a lot of my own work done. Sniffling and cuddling in an afghan has given me ample opportunity to loll about on the couch and stare at the television while verging on the edge of an apathetic stupor.


I had a 24-hour news channel on, and they were going on – again – about a roving gang of thugs that were breaking into people’s houses. Except, I think they got the phrasing wrong. The anchor was saying, repeatedly, “the home.” Huh?

I was always under the impression that a “house” was the structure, and it was only a “home” to the family who lived in it. Am I wrong? This sounds like it might be an esoteric point of grammar that would only matter to people like us. But I would like to know the correct usage. I’d hate to transfer something as basically wrong as that into a WIP and have a reader call me on it. Gosh, just the thought of that is enough to give me nightmares.

Thanks for letting me know if I’m absolutely crazy.


2 thoughts on “Newspeople

  1. I think you’re right (no particular expert here, just my opinion!) I think that the news station deliberately misused the term for shock value: the thugs didn’t just break in to four walls, the broke into the sanctuary of a family. It’s pretty cheap, sensationalist reporting in the context of journalism, but a trick that fiction authors can use to good effect!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for your good wishes, Claire. The cheap, sensationalist aspect never occurred to me. I just thought they were grammar-deficient. I can’t blame the anchors, though. They can only mumble what’s on the teleprompter.

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