Light Goals This Quarter

The new semester starts today. Tax season is upon us. I have a job teaching math, and now I have a second job doing taxes. I think my goals are going to be light this time around.

Writing Goals:

1. Write when possible. Life happens. Two jobs will make it hard, and I recognize that.

2. Don’t get stressed when I can’t write. Tax season is finite. My financial problems will be too.

3. Continue world building for the Witches and Weres series and the Fireheart series.

4. Make my blog posts on time. I always have good intentions, but I invariably miss some. I’m going to try to be on time as much as possible. It’s all a matter of organization, right?

Personal Goals:

1. Treat myself kindly. I got that from another ROWer less than a month ago, and I thought it was brilliant when I read it.

2. As part of the above, take part in some other challenges located on I’m participating in several challenges, one for eating fruit and veg, one for walking, and one for drinking more water. I’m not thinking about a ‘diet’ because living better makes me feel better, and I want to me nice to myself. (BTW, that really removes a lot of stress about the whole ‘diet’ thing – just so you know.) If anyone decides to go over and take part, friend me. The name is still laramcgill.

Here we go! See everyone on Wednesday…


11 thoughts on “Light Goals This Quarter

  1. Good luck with your goals — writing and life — and both jobs. I’m sitting here, colded in and wishing that I’d gotten some fruit when I was doing my stocking up the other day. Some pears or oranges would just go down a treat right now.

    • I’m sorry you’re house-bound because of the cold. Where are you? I know what you mean about the fruit – when you want it, nothing else will do. If it’s any consolation, it’s going to be in the 20s here in Orlando tonight. I still have to dig through some storage to find something to wear to work tomorrow.

      Stay warm and safe – what information for a scene sometime down the road!

      • I’m in Dayton, Ohio, down near the Cincinnati area in the southwestern part of the state so luckily we’re just getting hit with freezing cold temperatures and not much in the way of snow. Not like some parts up by the Great Lakes.

        I hope you’re able to keep warm down there! I was at Disneyworld in September 2013 and what I saw of the area while riding the park buses looked to me to be a very beautiful area. Oddly enough, it reminded me a lot of the area around here, except you guys have palm trees! (My girlfriend and her mom were laughing at me going “OMG! PALM TREES!” from the time the plane landed until we got to the parks — but, dude, palm trees!)

        Hopefully tomorrow, things will be warmer andit’ll be easier to get out to the grocery and get some fruit and other stuff to eat. One bag of corn chips was not enough…

        • Morning, Kathy. I know what you mean about the palm trees – I did the same thing when I moved down here. Although I’m from New England, I grew up in Michigan so I know what you mean about the lake effect snow and stuff, too. And yeah, one bag of corn chips – definitely not enough.

  2. Wishing you well this quarter. You made find that the more structured your day, the more you’ll stick to a writing schedule. Here’s hoping, but I like the part of being kinder to yourself. Do what you can. Cheering you on! 🙂

  3. Jolyse, do you have an iPhone or an Android? I have a Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s an app that looks like a yellow Post-It, and it has “Note” in red with an underline underneath it. I don’t know if it had an iPhone version, but it probably does.

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