Logline Problem and Fix

It’s always good to have a plan – at least, for me. I’m a planner, not a pantser. Hence, I love loglines. Here’s the logline for my current WIP, “Immortal Blood.”

“A coffee-addicted, epileptic witch who has renounced her extraordinary abilities must return home from self-imposed exile to save her family and coven by killing the cursed and now-immortal pharaoh Akhenaten.”

I hope you like it.

Hmm. I seem to be having a problem. I thought this post was going to be on one of the subordinate pages that I made over the past few days, but it automatically came to the front page. I’m going to have to figure out how to get it to the right spot.

Any ideas would be graciously and gratefully accepted.

Updates: I haven’t done any writing, really. I’ve just been planning the subpages and additions to the blogs so I can start building a platform.

Ah, well. One more thing to help keep my brain engaged while I do laundry. It turns out the brain doesn’t have to be too much engaged, I just have to  make sure that the parent page information is entered properly before I go and do any posting. Great, one problem of the day solved! Instead, I’ll ponder the dinner menu while I’m throwing the clothes in the dryer now.

Have a lovely holiday, everyone! See you next go-round. (I think this is the last posting day, right?)


2 thoughts on “Logline Problem and Fix

  1. I like that logline and would like to subscribe to its newsletter! Maybe that’ll be one of my goals this time around: compose loglines for my projects. Or, is it too late to ask Santa for them?

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Kathy, I’m flattered! I don’t have a newsletter yet. In fact, your request is what prompted me to look into it today. And what I’ve found? Wow…I can barely wrap my head around it. I’m going to have to investigate it a bit more.

    But take heart! Everything you’ll want to know (or that I can come up with) I’ll be putting on sub-pages before I can get an actual newsletter going.

    Thanks for giving me a new goal – I love investigating things.

    Have a wonderful holiday. I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires.

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