Hitting A Rest Stop

I took a little segue over the past few days, but I think it will be an ultimately useful one. I read somewhere – it might have been one of Kristen Lamb’s blog entries; she’s a genius – that a person might want to have other things on their website, things like background, histories, short stories involving minor characters, different things to keep the interest up in the worlds that you create for characters to play in. And, since it’s also a great marketing tool, I decided to run with it.

Sort of. Problem – I don’t have a real website. But I found a way around that. My old theme here at WordPress didn’t support extra pages. So, I changed themes and added some pages and subpages relating to different worlds and WIPs that take place there.

I’m not finished yet, of course. I have to put in data that make it interesting enough for people to actually look at.

It’s a process. Once I get it finished, I’m going to put up a page at Facebook, one that I can link back to the blog here.

Have a great hump day, everyone. See you on Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Hitting A Rest Stop

  1. Yes! Bonus features, like on a DVD! I’ve noticed that indie authors are doing that these days & I agree: it’s a great marketing tool. Great way to keep people engaged, checking your blog, coming back for more.

    On another (perhaps related) note: I LOVE the image at the top of this page, the woman with arms outstretched and generating blue lightning – holy cow! Who did the art? They are amazing.

    • Hi Sione. Glad you like the art. Truthfully, I found it on one of those free art sites.

      Cool comparison to bonus features on a DVD. I never would have thought of that.

      Now that those pages are up, I’ve really got to actually get some stuff up there, otherwise people will think I’m teasing them with nothing…

  2. I second the emotion that bonus features are awesome; I know Orbit books includes extras in the backs of some of their books. Also, the picture up top is the bomb.

    • Thanks, Kathy. I never would have thought of it without Kristen Lamb. If you’re not familiar with her, check her out. She’s a treasure gifted to the creative world.

      I’m glad you like the picture. I figure I’m going to be changing it when I change up the book I’m trying to finish. So, this picture represents the protagonist of “Immortal Blood.” The next one I’m going to try to finish (I think) is “Whirlwind. It’s a time travel that goes back to colonial America – and I have NO idea what I’m going to put up there for that.

  3. Lara,

    I don’t have a website either – not yet! I agree about Kristen, though, and my blogs have all grown better by far since I found her!

    I plan on having a website before 2014 is over. I will be linking in all three of my current blogs, in some fashion I’m not sure of yet. Each delves into a different part of my life, and I have gotten a lot of feedback on the worldbuilding one, especially since I started sharing snippets for WIPpet Wednesday. We’d love to have you join us, and you could sweeten your new pages a little that way…=)

    May your holidays be lovely!

    • Hi Shan,

      I have to confess, I’ve been on WIPpet Wednesday before, but I’ve been shockingly lax lately. Like, the past ROW cycle lax.

      Having a worldbuilding blog is a fabulous idea. What’s the name of yours? I’d love to go over and take a look at it.

      You and yours have a wonderful holiday as well!

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