Back Through the Wormhole

Wow. I just looked at my last posting data, and I can’t believe I’ve been gone that long. I humbly abase myself at the feet of y’all for my lack of attention to the blog. But, I’ve got something of an explanation.

I was sucked up into a frenzy of Nano prep. This was the first year I’ve used Scrivener, Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering, and a scene-specific beat sheet. Well, bless my black flabby little heart, because I did better than I ever thought I could. I managed to rock out 74+K well before the deadline passed. 

Then I got sucked into a whirling vortex of “finding a new roommate” and “Thanksgiving.” Thank all that’s holy the holiday is over, but I’m still stuck on the roommate thing.

Even with that huge Nano win, I still haven’t finished the book, so I’ve gone back the past day or so and am continuing to work on my beat sheet. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to fill in the gaps, make it a cohesive story, and then finish vomiting it out.

Vomit first, clean later. It should be my new mantra.

See you Sunday (I hope – my students have finals next week).


8 thoughts on “Back Through the Wormhole

  1. Excellent on your, er, vomiting out 74k+ words. (As long as the mess gets cleaned up, I guess…..)

    Third quarter is always a whacky time of year. Nobody blogs quite as much, and the readers are busy too. (So it’s a good time to slack off.)

    • Thanks, Camille. The mess is slowly getting cleaned up through painstaking story planning. I have to admit, I like planning better than pantsing, but I never would have guessed it.

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