New Television Series

I came up with the premise for a new network television series Monday while driving to work. It’s working title is “Incognito.”

The premise (and I’ve done a lot more since – different episodes, stuff like that) is, in true Story Engineering fashion is:

“What if vampires and weres tried to hide among the human population?” 

Since writing the above I discussed it with my roommate. He looked at me, confused, and said “Isn’t that what Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was all about? I told him that I didn’t know; I’d never seen it. Well, I’ve seen a few episodes in the past couple of days.

Is it like Buffy? In a word – no. It seems more like the Godfather meets Laurell K. Hamilton sans sex. Add some romance, and a bit of nobless oblige, and a dash of sociopath, and you’ve got a hint of the idea percolating in my brain.

I only wonder – don’t they medicate you for that?

Update on the job: nothing yet. Update on the roommate: possibility. I met her last night at Starbucks, and we seemed to hit it off. She’s going to come look at the apartment Sunday. Stay tuned for more information.

See you Sunday!


11 thoughts on “New Television Series

  1. The great thing about any idea is that in the roughest form, all sound like something else we’ve seen or heard. There really are no shiny new ideas… just shiny new ways to present them. Sounds like your way is kind of cool.

    Have you watched Being Human? Not saying it’s the same, but there are also elements there that could fit your initial premise.

    Cool! (About the potential roomie!)

    • Morning, Eden. No, I haven’t seen Being Human. I’ve heard about it, though. I think my idea is a bit more complex…if I remember right, Being Human was about a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire trying to live together? Incognito is more complex socially, in that there are large groups trying to move invisibly through society while still getting their…less than common…needs met.

      Thanks for the good wishes about the potential roomie. She seems a bit timid and nervous. I just got an email wondering if he died at home. (Here I was, thinking that potential ghosts were GOOD things…)

      • Being Human was more than that. The main vampire character also worked in a local hospital, I believe the werewolf was a teacher… sorry, can’t remember, but I’m sure a quick Google search could find specifics.

        Basically it’s not just these players in their house, but also the external pressures of their “groups” and then society in general around them.

        That’s still doesn’t discount your idea, just noting that you ay want to see what other people have done so you can develop your own piece more fully in directions that make it unique.

        Timid beforehand is probably a oood thing. Too eager would set up red-flags for me as well.

  2. I kind of get the Buffy question. YES, there were supernatural creepy things living in our world. BUT that show was all about killing them or sending them back to where they belong. This show seems like it is more about the supernatural point of view. I say run with the idea you’ve got brewing. It could lead to BIG things!

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