Killing Nano

So, I’ve been away for November. Mostly it’s because I’ve been a tad depressed. I still haven’t found a new roommate or an additional/new job. Panic mode is starting to set in. I’m not liking the way I feel, which is turning into panicy, slightly defeated, and a bit confused.

This is definitely not like me.

The good thing is, this manic hamster in my head has been wonderful for Nano. I’ve already passed 50K. And that’s the posted portion. I’ve done more, but I haven’t updated my word count. The bad part is I don’t think I have anything usable. It’s more like the ramblings of someone lost in a forest somewhere. We’ll see.

Hope everyone’s having a great Nano, and if you’re not participating, I hope everything’s going well on your own personal project.

See you Wednesday, hopefully with better news.


16 thoughts on “Killing Nano

    • Anne, 18K is amazing! This is the first time I’ve been able to get this many words this soon. I put it all down to Story Engineering and Story Physics by Larry Brooks, and the awesomeness of Scrivener.

      Previous years, there’s no way I would be at this point this soon. Larry Brooks is a god.

  1. Lara: I had a day today where everything I wrote felt like stuff that would end up on the cutting room floor. I keep telling myself that I just need to get it all out and then set it aside after NaNo to gain perspective. Not an easy thing for me to do at all! Best of luck!

    • Morning, Courtney. I felt that way a couple of years ago, too, but I found out that I had some good stuff that I never expected. And it happened when I had my eyes closed and my fingers on the keyboard. I could see a movie in my head, and I just ran with what I ‘saw’.


  2. Hello, Lara, 50K??? Amazing. I’m at a pretty happy 6,500, but the biggest lesson I’ve almost learned this time is that it doesn’t matter what goes down on the page, just keep writing the story. So that many words is amazing. Yes, Larry Brooks is inspirational. I hope that positive energy comes right back to you.

  3. Hi Beth. I think 6,500 is a fine word count. That’s 6,500 more words than you had on 11/1. Outstanding! Sometimes it’s not easy (for me) – sometimes it feels like you’re wading through wet concrete, up to your waist, barefoot, on a broken glass floor. Luckily, we’re getting through it.

    Off to wade through more concrete. It’s not going as well now. On the way to work I got an idea for a new television series. So I had to write that down this morning. Grr…

  4. Wow… Sounds like you’ve been using the worry and frustration of the moment to really fill the pages. Well, don’t mind the odd bits… I am betting you’ll find a lot about character emotions and visceral feelings for whatever story you decide to finish later on. Getting them out on the page now isn’t a bad thing.

    And until then… here’s hoping for that better job hunt and a new roomie.

  5. i do hope your problems sort themselves out soon and your brain can be freed – 50K+ is good good good – even if a lot has to go on the floor I bet there will still be masses that won’t and as a bonus some of your angst will have been defeated:) all the best

    • Hi Alberta! Thanks for the kind wishes…and thanks for the perfect word! Angst…that’s it…

      You’re brilliant! Talk to you soon. Probably tomorrow — I already have most of tomorrow’s blog in draft form. And I have more to add…

  6. Just a thought. About the floor stuff. If you don’t have a floor, then how can you have a good place to stand?

    I’d say you’re likely doing better than you think. Sorta like when you clean your house in ADD mode. You start in one place, then move to another and another without just finishing the one spot you’re in before moving on. When you take a break in the middle, it seems like you’re never going to get finished, but then next thing you know, you are! Hang in there! Good things can and will come your way.

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