Uncertainty Reigns

Something good happened, and then something maybe not so good. I’m not sure about that yet…

Yesterday I was able to take three different variants of a scene and blend them together into something that I can work with. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write until the rest of my personal mess is cleaned up, but I guess I can. At least, a little bit.

This evening I’m supposed to have an interview with a perspective roommate. But the online roommate service has him listed as already finding one, on the same day he agreed to meet me today. I’ve tried to confirm our appointment, to no avail. So that’s completely up in the air, and it’s EXTREMELY disconcerting. And worrisome. And nerve-wracking.

Oh, well. I’m at Starbucks trying to work on Nano planning. Maybe I should go home and clean my fridge. Cleaning helps reduce stress, right?

See you all Sunday – maybe with some better news!


10 thoughts on “Uncertainty Reigns

  1. Yay for the scene-age! Another yay for the guy you didn’t interview. CLEARLY he’s a flake that you’re better off without! Hope you enjoyed your Starbucks! Chin up. Things will begin to get better sooner than you know.

    • Thanks, sweetie. Yeah, the guy never returned my call or texts. And he didn’t show up. I waited for half an hour. From your mouth to God’s ear about the getting better thing.

      How do you always know that???

      BTW, I actually didn’t have ANY coffee yesterday, because I walked out of my apartment without my card. And yes, I woke up with a caffeine headache today. First thing on my list, after feeding the cat? Coffee, coffee, coffee…

  2. I told you I’m psycho….er…psychic! 😉

    My favorite quote from the Crow is, “It can’t rain all the time.”, By that logic, things must eventually get better. Besides, you can’t have rainbows without first having a little rain.

    I don’t blame you on the coffee tomorrow morning…that’s my plan before work as well! HA!

  3. Def a flake and so rude toboot:( well done with the blending – not easy – all the best and hope you enjoyed the coffee when you got there – how about the fridge is it clean now?

  4. Blerg. Looking for a housemate is time-consuming, energy-consuming and hard. I’ve been there several times. Wishing you the best of luck with that.

    Hooray for mashing scenes together! I love it when I look back over some random scribbles in my notebook jotted down over several different days and realize they can all go together into one thing. Makes me feel way productive. (Not that yours were random scribbles. Just saying.)

    If only you could mash a few people into one to make the perfect housemate… ;*)

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