Off The Grid

I’ve been away for a bit, but today I’ve decided to change that. Here’s what’s been going on…

Remember the crown falling out? I was all set to get it fixed, then I had to pay for an emergency car repair. Oops. Still not fixed, but the pain has become minimal. Nice…

On the 26th of August I started an upper level Calculus class. Now, this is after a 7 (Monday) or 9 (Wednesday) hour workday. Yeah. That’s not working out. I was assigned over 110 homework problems last Wednesday. Guess how many of those got done? For those with inquiring minds – I haven’t even finished twenty.

And it’s played hell with my sleep and my creativity. I haven’t been able to write a thing. Even my dreams are about equations that I’m trying to figure out how to solve.

This is in addition to picking up a major project for a new accounting client, who wants 9 months work of work, plus setting up a brand-new QuickBooks manufacturing company, with customized reports and detailed personalized manual. Basically, he wants anyone who sits in front of his computer to be able to carry the work forward with step by step instructions. Can you imagine someone who owns a company never balancing the checkbook? Wow…

And he wants all of this done in 8 hours, because that’s all he can afford to pay for.

I’m not complaining, really I’m not. I’m just detailing what’s been going on, and looking over this post, I can see that something’s gotta give. I haven’t even been able to pay attention to trying to eat healthier. I’ve been having to get crap on the run, and everyone knows how THAT affects your functionality.

I guess Calculus is going to have to go. I’m not sacrificing my writing. If I was on my deathbed today, what would I regret not doing most – Calculus or writing. Hands down, without question, writing.

Bye-bye Calculus. By Sunday, I should have something creative to mention.

See you on Sunday! Guaranteed.


8 thoughts on “Off The Grid

  1. The former math major in me wants to know what sort of calculus you were taking. I would think either integral or multidimensional, in which case, yes, it will kill your creativity.

    Getting a crown is no fun. I’ve had more than my share.

    • Hi John,

      It wasn’t multivariable, but I haven’t taken the lower level of Calculus for over a year, and I’m a bit rusty. A few things we were doing this semester include differential equations and parametric equations and polar coordinates. I’d love to be able to continue, but I’m just spread too thin.

      The crown is pretty much okay, I just have to have it glued back on. It decided to make an escape attempt. It didn’t get far though. Now it’s imprisoned in a ziplock baggie on my bathroom sink waiting to get back to the dentist!

      Happy scribing!

  2. Wow! What a battle of time management. Can you go back to the guy who hasn’t balanced his checkbook and make a list of what’s reasonable for 8 precious hours of your time? I’ve found that writing these check-ins for ROW80 helps me focus on my priorities — kudos to you for letting go of the math and saying right out loud that writing is number one. Persevere! I hope that tooth stays quiet.

    • Beth, one of the things I found that helps my time management is my slight OCD. I schedule everything in Outlook, making lists, appointments, and color coding everything.

      As far as the checkbook goes, I don’t think I could explain it. You’ve got to make sure the bank doesn’t make a mistake, even if your numbers are spot on. After all, they’re only human.

  3. I hope your tooth pain isn’t dulling down because the nerves are getting damaged! You need to get that thing dealt with as soon as possible! See if they’ll finance the crown – some dentist will do that. Dental damage can cause problems throughout your whole body.

    About the calculus vs. writing choice – I say, good choice! What calculus you use in daily life (like catching balls or swinging trash bags into the dumpster) is less in the mind than in the muscles, anyway, and all calculus classes are really good for, in daily life, is confusing your muscle memory of how to do the thing in favor of mental muscles trying to figure out how you always used to do the thing without bothering with calculus calculations! it’s like asking a spider which foot he puts his shoe on first, it’ll do nothing but confuse him. Creative thought is very important, and calculus really isn’t for the average person’s everyday life.

    Unless you’re a rocket scientist? In that case, stick with the calculus, you’ll need it.

    • Tammy, you’re absolutely right about getting the crown taken care of asap. It’s just a glue job, so hopefully next week will be okay.

      I let my roommate be the rocket scientist. It works for him.

      Spiders and shoes…never thought of that. Although it reminds me of the Harry Potter second movie with the spider in the roller skates. That was funny.

      Enjoy your week!

  4. The customer is asking for the moon, and he needs a reality check. Definitely write out the project scope with time and cost estimates, and let him know what he can reasonably expect for his money. You’ll breathe and sleep easier, and he’ll know he’s getting a square deal even if he’s not getting his pipe dream. That’s my two-cents worth coming from many years spent as a systems engineer.

    Just went through the whole root canal/crown thing. No fun, but you’ll feel better when it’s over. Keep your chin up and keep writing!

    • Hi Kathrese! I did exactly what you suggested, and he’s a little shamefaced. It’s often like that for me when reality whacks me upside the head!

      The crown is actually easy, all I have to do is get it glued back on. I just have to get the emergencies to calm down so I can manage to pay for it!

      Happy scribing! See you on Sunday…

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