Another Good Resource

I’m trying to pick up the bits and pieces of “Immortal Blood” to get them in some sort of logical order. Now, I kinda went off my logline and probably crossed the literary equivalent of half the country before I noticed it. Oops. But I have help to fix it.

A few years ago (in 2008) I had a chance meeting with Alexandra Sokoloff after the end of the Romantic Times convention in Pittsburgh. We had a great conversation on the plane, and she gave me a copy of her latest book. I liked it. So, when I saw she had a writing book out called “Screenwriting Tricks for Authors (and Screenwriters!)” I immediately bought it for my Kindle. After all, I see scenes like a translucent movie, floating a couple of feet in front of my face. No, I don’t need medication — it’s just part of my process.


It’s a great book. And it really helps visually oriented people figure out what’s going on in their novels – or what’s not going on.

I can’t say that I’ve made a lot of progress on “Immortal Blood” since my last post. But I’m on hiatus from teaching for the next three weeks, so I really hope to have all my problems untangled before the new semester starts.

Cross your fingers for me…


5 thoughts on “Another Good Resource

  1. Ah, semester break! I am 12-month faculty, sadly, but things quiet ever so slightly for me as well during semester breaks.

    I have the Screenwriting book on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet. Thank you for recommending it–I will dust it off.

  2. I’ve hot Alex Sokoloff’s screenwriting tips and tricks for novelists. It’s an excellent resource. Everything is explained well and because of this book I discovered how much I like storyboarding. Definitely a book I recommend and it’s worth checking out her blog too.

    All the best with your writing over the break.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I’m enjoying the process, too. I’ve also discovered, unfortunately, I also haven a tendency to be ADD in my planning — like, “oohh…what if that happened..?” Then things get all tangled up like spaghetti. That’s what I’m trying to fix now. I’ve got to get past the shiny bits.

      • I can relate to this. It happened while I was revising a previous incarnation of my wip. Shiny, new ideas and I got WAY lost. Smooshed characters until I no longer recognised the cast and couldn’t remember what story was trying to tell.

        This time round, I’m starting with the characters so that the story unfolds from them and isn’t orchestrated by me. 🙂

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