Back From My Mental Vacation

I didn’t make my ROW80 goals this week. I haven’t done (hardly) any planning on Immortal Blood. I think I’ve edited one paragraph. Even Viho has shut  his muzzle. I haven’t been delighted by his snark for at least three days. So, I’ve been floating in limbo.

Being in limbo might not be a bad thing, though. Final exams started yesterday, and I’ve  had a bunch of panicking students for the past week. That won’t end until Monday. After that, though, I have four weeks of (relatively) uninterrupted bliss to see what kind of mischief my friends have been able to create while I’ve been away. I think I’m actually looking forward to a different kind of frenzy.

Because it’s WIPWednesday, I’m going to  put up 7 sentences of “Fireheart” continuing where it left off (I think it was last week).

“Perhaps.  But he won’t be the Consort for a long while. Not until I’m dead, so I’m not going to worry overmuch about it,” Mikhail said.  “I’m sure Alizaane will keep him in line.  And if not, then Kiah will be more than happy to do it.  Most saziks don’t get along very well with spouses of their chosen bonded.  Kiah is more intelligent than most…and more haughty.”

(Sazik is the Tibetan word for “snow leopard.”) Kiah, bless his furry heart, is much, much bigger than a terrestrial sazik. And more protective. Not to mention vicioius. Nothing will hurt Alizaane as long as he’s alive.

See you Sunday. Hopefully with more good things to tell you.


19 thoughts on “Back From My Mental Vacation

  1. So, Kiah is a snow leopard but more too? Almost like a familiar? Neat! He sounds adorable (in a I’d like one like him but I wouldn’t dare intrude between him and Alizaane), 😀

      • You may have not consciously thought it, but the clues were there… The way you described him chosen to Alizaane. It seems to me that your mind was going there even if you hadn’t stated it yet.

        Of course… not having him be one is cool too!

  2. ” And if not, then Kiah will be more than happy to do it. ” It always worries me when someone is more than happy to do something . . . interesting.

    • Kiah’s very alpha, and he loves Ally very much. Males always bond with female humans, and vice versa. Not sure why. I guess I have to invent a reason. I’m sure there has to be one…and I don’t know why, but for some reason, Matt Smith aka The Doctor is flashing through my brain right now. Wow, I think it’s time for more coffee.

  3. Again, you’re blowing me away, Eden. I have lots of bonded creatures and humans. Gotta do some thinking about that. I’m glad I’ve got tomorrow off – this is now first on my to-do list.

    • Thanks Alberta. The snow leopard thing comes from one of my first memories of school. One of my grade school teachers asked all of us “if you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be?” People said all the animals you would expect, and I came out with “snow leopard.” Can’t figure for the life of me where that came from. But for some reason, it stuck with me.

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