Wednesday Came Fast

I can tell time isn’t a constant. The past few days just flew by. That’s in direct contrast to the time when I flipped my car down a ravine in a snowstorm, and time slowed way down. All the stuff in my car flew across my vision in slow motion, as I just said, “Oh, F*ck….”

So, I’ve been caught empty handed with not a lot to talk about. Regarding “Blood, Breath, and Fire”, Viho the dragon hasn’t been shutting up. Not for three days. My friend and fellow writer Olivia is dealing with her own snarky dragon. (For all I know, they could be related.) She asked the other day about a custom-designed muzzle for hers. Maybe Viho could use one. Of course, it would only keep him from biting people. Telepathy. Viho’s also turned out to be something of a gourmet. According to him, humans taste better without ketchup. Who knew?

Also, this is WIPpets. So, I guess I’ll share something, too. I’m ashamed to admit that I have more than one WIP. Since Viho’s been hanging around, I’ll put up seven paragraphs of the first created story in Viho’s universe, called “Fireheart.” Here it is, from the beginning of Chapter 3:


     “Will you stop fussing?  I’m not having the baby in the middle of the ballroom floor.  And I’m certainly not going to have it today.  So there’s nothing to worry about.  Besides, if it was going to happen soon, I’d know, wouldn’t I?  Pain, birthwater, snarling and cursing your existence for putting me through all this?  You remember from the first time.”

     “Maia, stop.  You’re panting.  Take a moment to breathe.  Deeply.”  Mikhail, Prince of the House of Darislay, Secretary-General of the Concordat of Independent Planets, and Keeper of the Fireheart of Rassa, gazed upon his very pregnant wife and worried.  If the truth were known, panicked. “If you’re going to attend the reception–“

     “If?”  Maia narrowed her eyes at him and smiled in a way that reminded him of a feral wolf.  One that was hunting.

     “‘If’,” Mikhail insisted.  “Has the healer been into see you today?”

     Maia wriggled uncomfortably against her many pillows, trying to prop up her ungainly body a little bit more.  “No.  Not yet.”

     “We’ll defer to her judgment,” he directed.  “Your health is more important that offending some little lordling.”

     “That ‘little lordling,’ as you call him, will be your daughter’s husband, and the Consort of Rassa,” Maia warned.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Came Fast

  1. I love the dialogue! Particularly that first paragraph! 😀

    I also really like the sound of Viho. I love dragons, particularly if they are chatty and/or snarky.

  2. No shame in having multiple WIPs (says the woman currently juggling three). And have I mentioned that I LOVE dragons? No? Well, I do. Absolutely.

    Very nice excerpt here. Great dialogue, and the scene really gives us a glimpse at the world. I do so hate arranged marriages, though. I would not have fared well in that situation.

    • Kathils, take heart. There’s always something that can go wrong before a wedding. Especially if that person is a bad, bad man… (insert evil grin here)

      Have a great day!

  3. Dragons are, by nature, surly. And there is not much one can do but muzzle them. Except that they usually break out of muzzles in under five minutes, flat. Sigh.

    Strange bit of story, you’ve given us. I hope the process goes well. More for your sake than Viho’s.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

    • You’re right, Bear. It makes it much easier when they can turn those muzzles to ash in nothing flat.

      I’m agreeing about the strange bit of story. It will clear up later, though. Promise.

  4. I’m laughing like an idiot. My friend just had twins (literally, yesterday! Yay for me being godmommy!) and we were totally just talking about her being fat and not able to do everything. She sounded exactly like Maia. It’s great!

    • Congratulations to both you and your friend, Adrian!! And twins, wow! Were they identical or fraternal? would you tell at this age (if they were the same sex, I mean)?

      I’m glad you like Maia. She is going to be a nexus around which something turns. And not all for the good.

      Have fun being godmommy! Keep us in the loop with all your new stories. I know I’ll be fascinated.

      • Usually they tell before they’re born but she was too big for the last ultrasound so we don’t know.

        Ill try and keep up with your WIP as its very interesting, but travels abound!

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