I’ve Been Hijacked…By A Dragon?

Ever heard the expression “You make your plans, and God laughs”? Yeah, well. That applies to writing, too. See, I planned on continuing to keep on plodding on this incredibly frustrating WIP called “Immortal Blood.” I’m not feeling the love there.

Instead, a story that was originally a short called “Blood, Breath and Fire” broke down the solid oak door in my head. It’s turned into a ‘several hundred years in the past’ (and probably a few hundred pages) project that takes place in another universe of mine. And every day, more and more stuff is leaking through from that universe to this one.

Example – Viho the dragon’s been talking a lot, telling me how the artifact used in the title of the book “Fireheart” was created. He did it. He told me how. And how he (sort of) died in the process. Oh, and he’s telepathic. He said it’s only logical – imagine how difficult it would be trying to enunciate with a jaw like that? And he’s an initiate at a Temple that focuses on art.

So I guess my work on Immortal Blood is a bust this week. I think maybe I’ve done a few hundred words, and that’s about it. I managed a little bit of planning on it. Just a little. 

On top of all that, I had something happen yesterday that’s really blocked my work. I found out that some medicine I need to stay healthy doubled in price this month to $60.00. Doable, but still a stretch on my budget. Next month, however, it goes up to approximately $400.00. I have no idea what I’m going to do.

Needlessly to say, my stress level has skyrocketed too. And it’s blocking my creativity a bit.

On the plus side, I’ve still been able to keep up my blogging for this round. That’s an accomplishment.

See everyone on Wednesday – hopefully with some production.


8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hijacked…By A Dragon?

  1. Maybe you can stay connected to “Immortal Blood” by writing two sentences a day while you give more time to “Blood, Breath and Fire”? That way you aren’t abandoning IB. But when a story, when a character, is talking to you like that I always think it means it really needs attention. And it sounds so fun!

    So sorry about the medicine thing. I hope something works out to help. Meanwhile, try to be gentle with yourself and give yourself some downtime and breathing space to help with the stress. Your writing will be there for you when the stress eases up and you have more creative juice again.

    • Thanks, Kim. That’s a good bit of advice there, on all fronts. I’m going swimming tonight I think. That’s always stress relieving.

      Viho’s a wonderfully sarcastic dragon. But he’s only about 25 pounds, fully grown. I guess he’s kind of like a Sheltie. Instead of a mini herding dog, he’s a mini dragon. Hmm. Already his personality is saying, “I don’t think so…”

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