Independence Day Disruption

The holidays really put a crimp in my schedule this week. I only got back my creative mojo today.

Guests came over for the 4th. Happens a lot – every holiday, people come over to my house. And that’s great. I love the company. And, of course, I love the food.

A little background here. In addition to my few other Heinz-57 varieties, I’m part Italian and part Irish. That means I like to feed people. A lot. And this week? I think I spent around $300 at the grocery store. Now, some of that was for things like laundry detergent, so it wasn’t all for the holiday. But I was prepared for lots of big appetites.

I didn’t get them. A few people had to cancel. Work, previous obligations, things like that.

Now, I’m swamped with food. I bought 4 racks of ribs. I cooked 2, and I still had leftovers! I’ve got 5 (yes, 5) half gallons of really good organic ice cream in my freezer. My fridge is full of fried chicken and leftover salads, including a melon-based fruit salad and a Mediterranean potato salad with veggies and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. And we won’t even talk about the cubes of Mountain Dew in the pantry. I think they’re multiplying. Probably being genetically engineered by a tag team of Lay’s Classic Chips, Cheeze-Its, bottles of beer and tall, slender, dark bottles of Sangria whispering enticingly in a sibilant hiss.

I haven’t had to cook in 3 days. We’re still eating out of the fridge. Oh, I didn’t mention the deserts. Lemon pie and strudel everywhere. I had to put my food processor in the bedroom because I needed the counter space.

The funny thing is (no pun intended) I can see the humor in this.

As far as my goals are concerned, I haven’t written anything since Wednesday. So far so good on my posting. And I’ve not done any planning on Immortal Blood either.

But I did wake up this morning with some past history on Fireheart, having to do with the Culture Wars and the reasons the colonists left Earth. So I guess it wasn’t a totally wasted period.

See you Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Independence Day Disruption

  1. Too bad you don’t know of a local army that needs food, Lara! I’ve done the same in the past, so I feel your goosebumps at the uncannily replicating Mountain Dew!

    As for not getting writing done, sometimes these breaks are good for priming the pump, giving one the luxury of mulling over story lines and characters, like you did with Fireheart.

    Have a great beginning to your week!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth, you have a great week too!

      And the Mountain Dew? I’m becoming convinced that it’s not really of this planet. I can’t be, not with that neon yellow-green color. I swear I can catch it pulsating out of the corner of my eye.

  2. Well, that’s fantastic, getting some backstory on Fireheart.. And if you haven’t worked on your novel over the holiday half-week, then at least you’re good on your posting, right? And don’t you just love it when backstory comes to you? Brilliant!

  3. Ah! I have had that exact thing happen to me before re: the food! Good luck slogging your way through it!

    Don’t worry about not getting any writing done! Happens to the best of us around holiday times!

    • Looking in the fridge this morning before I went to work was an exercise in “Oh, no, what do I do now….”

      You’ve given me inspiration, Emily. Just sitting here I thought I’d strip the fried chicken, make a quick chimichurri sauce and throw it over some brown basmati rice.

      Thanks much!

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