"N" – Narcomancy

I came across this really cute word today. But when I found the definition, I thought it was way cooler than I thought.

Narcomancy is the ability to practice divination during sleep. Tons of really great story ideas and characters started churning in my head.

Is there a way to legislate against it? Or is there a way to prevent it? And if you try to keep a narcomancer (new cool word) from sleeping so that he/she can’t access that incredible talent, what happens then?

Humans have a disturbing tendency to fall into psychotic breaks without enough sleep that includes good REM sleep. It’s when the brain relaxes, slows down and processes things. Some of those breaks never heal.

A fresh psychotic who can predict things. What a tool. Could be used for counter-intelligence.

Wow. I need to get back to my fiction now.

See y’all tomorrow!


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