"M" – Mouth

Now, I know what you’re wondering – what in the world can be said about your mouth? Haven’t we talked about it all – stuffing feet into it, stuffing chips into it, swilling liquor into it…what more can there be?

Something that will knock your socks off.

I was driving to Cocoa Beach last weekend for a board of directors meeting, and as I drove I was listening to National Public Radio. I’d flipped on the radio in the middle of an interview with Mary Roach.

In case you aren’t familiar with her work, she’s a science writer who penned a great book called “Stiffs” about what happens to people after they die. Fascinating, well-written, and even a bit comedic in spots (if I remember right).

She has a new book out called “Gulp.” It’s about what happens to food, from beginning to end, so to speak. But in the interview plugging the new book, I learned something amazing.

We have two sets of nostrils.

Yup. One external, one internal. The second set lets you taste your food more than once. Apparently if you’re eating, and your mouth is closed (hopefully!), and you breathe out through your nose, you’ll be able to  smell all the original goodness of what you’re eating.

In the name of scientific inquiry, I had to try it. It worked. Very well.

And it made me giggle.

Try it. It’s kinda neat. Who knew?


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