Glacial Start

My goals are lofty; my achievements are not.

I’m participating in CampNano this month. The goal that my friend Livvi and I have chosen is 50,000, so we’re looking to achieve 1,667 words per day. So far that hasn’t happened. But I Have Plans…

I’ll finally get some alone time this morning, and then Livvi and I are going to meet at Starbucks. Perhaps the words will flow today. Wait. That’s really no excuse, though. I’m going to have coffee, and then castigate my muse until she relents and gives me what I need. B*tch.

Good luck everyone.


4 thoughts on “Glacial Start

  1. Anna – I suggest not talking. Threats work. Especially when you tell them that you will ignore them entirely, use your own words, and their story will rot forever in a refrigerator buried in a toxic waste dump, never to be told.That generally makes a muse sweat.

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