"B" – "Boobs"

The inevitable frustrating contemplation of bra shopping overtook me today. Now, I’m not what you’d call model-thin. Nope. Curvaceous would be more the correct term. And with the shopping comes the reflection on boobs.

Guys like them. But I don’t think they understand them. I mean – well endowed women often have back trouble. That hurts. Not to mention how boobs can hurt during that special time of the month. I quit running cross country because of boobs. Gravity is not a woman’s friend. And fighting that belongs in the gym.

Have you ever seen women trying to fight physics? Innumerable hours with machines or free weights, trying to build up those chest muscles so they can hold up masses of flesh. And then, when those pieces of curvy flesh grab the attention of every man within a 500 foot radius, many women get offended when those same men don’t even know where their eyes are.

Despite all this women like them. We want them. We can’t wait to get them when we’re growing up. And as girls we agonize about whether we have enough.

Wow. Boobs sound schizophrenic. That explains a lot…


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