I’ve Got the Blahs…

Everything has fallen off-track for me. I’ve given in on pizza and chicken. My only triumph on the chicken was that it happened to be rotisserie, not fried. A small gain, but a good one.

Writing? Hah! I think I’ve managed about 250 words since last Sunday, and plotted about three scenes. And I’ve only figured out where to put one of them. Then again, maybe not. Hmm. Have to take a look at that again. Thank God you can reorder things easily in Scrivener. I keep one scene per chapter while I’m working and planning, to make everything easier to shift if I need to.

The only upside to this week is that I gained another private student. That’s a great thing, and very much appreciated at my bank.

Well, since my creativity button doesn’t seem to want to work this morning, I think I’ll put on my exercise clothes (t-shirt and sweats) and go to the gym. Something good has to come out of today, right?

See you Wednesday! (If I have anything to report…)


3 thoughts on “I’ve Got the Blahs…

  1. Lara, I think there have been a lot of blahs going around–I'm blaming winter, personally.Good for you to go to the gym when the creativity isn't working–that's something I need to work on.Sometimes things have to percolate before they can be written down, so you're doing well to keep it on the back burner. I hope you (and I) have a less blah week!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm in Florida, so I didn't even consider that it might be winter – good call.I hope you have a less blah week, too. I didn't come up with anything relevatory on the treadmill today. Maybe I'll try swimming tomorrow.Cheers!

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