Gotta Remember My Mantra!

Hi everybody. It’s been one wild week — and not because I’ve been having a great writing week. In fact, I haven’t done much of anything, writing wise.

I’ve been dealing with several financial crises, most minor, but added together became a bit more problematic. To deal with them, by the grace of God, I’ve been able to pick up a few more tutoring students. Paying the rent today, in full, was nothing short of a small miracle. My pantry is stocked well enough to get us through next week until I bring in some more cash. And, I’ve ended up in the black, even though it’s by a very small amount.


Kaylee was right – everything really is shiny, and I shouldn’t fret.

I’ve been staying away from the grocery store, and all the processed food. Snacking has been on clementines, before they go out of season again. I love those! No chips!

Okay, now that I’ve taken care of urgent stuff, time to get back to the creative stuff. See y’all Wednesday!

Happy writing…


2 thoughts on “Gotta Remember My Mantra!

  1. Hey Lara, glad you got through this crisis–financial stuff can take over your life, to the point you can't do anything else. And can I just say clementines are the food of angels! Take care, think abundance, and write!

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