An Uneven Week So Far…

I made it to the gym yesterday! I actually took a yoga class! Wow. And guess what I discovered? I’m a heck of a lot more out of shape than I thought. And I hate floor-to-ceiling mirrors. A lot. But that’s okay – at least I made it there. And I lasted the entire hour. Woo hoo!

I’ve already missed the yoga class for today. If I’m lucky I’ll get to the gym this evening for some cardio. If not, I’ll just have to take a walk around the apartment complex after I make dinner.

I haven’t done any grocery shopping since my last post, so that goal is unchanged.

And now, for the writing portion of our evening…

I’ve done some plotting, but for “Blood, Breath and Fire”, not “Immortal Blood.” I’m thinking about taking a side trip back to Rassa for a little while. I woke up this morning discovering a couple of other things about the history of that world, so I think I need to  hang there for a bit.

My cooking is going well, sort of. I did buy Boar’s Head beef hot dogs for dinner last night, but I have managed to stay away from Publix’s Fried Chicken and Papa John’s pizza. It’s a process. I’m going to try to get more recipes from a blog called “Poor Girl Eats Well”. There’s some great stuff there. Right now I’m eager to try a quinoa recipe that has butternut squash, dried cranberries, kale, apple, and a couple of other things in it. Sounds like it might be a good thing to take for lunch tomorrow. I’m working all day this semester on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, so lunch planning is something of a priority.

See you all on Sunday!


One thought on “An Uneven Week So Far…

  1. Hi there! Looks like on the whole you're making progress and that's what counts, so nice work! This is my first ROW80 and I'm really liking the "challenge that knows you have a life" part.Also, I wanted to share two things with you, after reading your blog. I, too, like to cook a lot and I'm a big planner and usually plan all my meals from Monday-Friday. Something I just discovered that my husband is loving for his take-to-work lunches is "Salad in a Jar." Have you heard of this? If you take a look on TheKitchn blog (also one of my favorite cooking blogs lately) and look up salad in a jar you'll find a great post. It's great for making something healthy in advance. I'm also going to check out the blog you suggested in your post! Thanks for sharing.And I agree with you, yoga in front of mirrors is no fun — I'm just finishing up a yoga teacher training and I still don't like practicing in front of a mirror. Luckily my studio doesn't have them though so it's only when I go elsewhere that I've had to deal with it. Good luck with everything and looking forward to hearing more from you!

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