Shoulda Taken A Left Turn At Albuquerque

I got lost this week. But, you know how sometimes getting lost can lead you to a good place? That might’ve happened. Let me explain.

I have a series – four books plotted, the first being written. It’s called “Fireheart.” I put that aside to finish the first book of the Witches and Weres series, called “Immortal Blood.” That’s what my earlier-than-beta readers decided they wanted to see finished first. Fine. I went with that.

I mentioned in my last post that I got an idea for a short story, now called “Blood, Breath and Flame.” I discovered this week that this short story takes place on the same planet, Rassa, that the Fireheart series takes place on. In fact, the protagonist, Jaelyn of Darislay, is the progenitrix of the family who turns out to be the rulers of Rassa, many generations down the line.

I also found out about a war that takes place sometime between Jaelyn and Alizaane (the heir of Rassa in Fireheart). It’s fought against those with psychic ability and the temples that support them. Some survive, fleeing the centers of population where the temples are. They and their descendants become known as “the Scattered.” In Fireheart, one of these turns out to be the hero. He’s a trained assassin who comes to Alizaane’s aid as her bodyguard.


So, there was writing done. But not on the project I expected. I can’t even say there was a lot of actual writing done, but there was a good deal of history and notes.

Other goals:

I’m getting to the gym later today. I plan on yoga and a desultory bout of basketball.

Grocery shopping today was good. I couldn’t purchase as locally as I wanted to, but I managed to keep it in the United States. I kept to my goal and didn’t buy the fresh peaches — but I sure wanted to!

How’s everyone else doing?


5 thoughts on “Shoulda Taken A Left Turn At Albuquerque

  1. I am actually working on a book that started out as a serial novella, and it's NOT what my readers or betas wanted me to finish first. You just can't help what calls to you the loudest. Even though not much writing happened, the writing PROCESS happened, and that's just as good. Have a great writing week!

  2. I'm smiling. WIP means anything that's not DONE, right? I love to see the road take turns because mine get pretty wild and that's not necessarily on a different WIP. My series is four Novellas and I'm finishing my second on while brainstorming my third. They've all been plotted with generals and character interviews, etc. but I've never seen a straight road on anything. Sounds like you're moving forward. Excellent progress. 🙂

  3. You are writing, this is a writing challenge! Check. You're doing splendidly in my humble opinion. And well done on the yoga – tried it once and spent the entire time stifling giggles at the farting OAP's. Yes, I can be that juvenile. 😛 Good luck for next week. X

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