Welcome to December!

Before anything, I’d like to take a moment to say “Congratulations!” to all the winners of Nano 2012 – and that includes everyone who participated. Even if you didn’t get to 50,000, it was an incredible effort. Nano provided the impetus to get more words out than may otherwise have been achieved. That’s always a win!

I won Nano, but I sure didn’t win on any other fronts over the past week.

Exercise was negligible at best. I worked late on Monday, so fried chicken ended up on the menu. Much to my shame, I indulged. The good news is that I didn’t like it as much as I normally do. Maybe I’m getting over my addiction? I’m hopeful.

My very small writing group elected to keep going throughout December, too. So, I’m plowing ahead with the rough draft of Immortal Blood, hoping to make significant progress during the holidays. That should be kind of easy, because my college will be shut down for three weeks between semesters, so I have hope.

Is everyone else as wrung out at I am?

See everyone on Wednesday.


One thought on “Welcome to December!

  1. Congrats on NaNo. That's huge. Although I didn't participate, November was still crazy busy . . . as will December be. But that's okay, it's all good crazy. All the best for the days ahead. Our writers' group breaks for the winter – due to possibly hazardous road conditions. I'll miss the ladies but look forward to our next get-together in the spring. Have a super terrific week. TTFN

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