My Head is Spinning!

Hi everyone!

Hope all of us are recovered from Overeating Thursday and Black Friday. Here’s my goal rundown:

80 Pages for this Quarter: Completed, but mostly due to Nano.

Planning: Still going. I’ve gotten over 60,000 words for Nano right now, so I think I’m going to use my Scrivener software and do some major rearranging of scenes and things. I think I may need to make better sense of it all before I continue any more planning of big things.

Fried Chicken: I haven’t had any in the past week.

Pizza: I’ve managed to stay away from that, too.

Exercise: There’s one that I’m failing miserably on. I have to find a way to organize my life better. It will come in time.

I hope everyone else is doing well. It’s going to be short and sweet today, as I’m getting the flu that’s been slamming my roommates to the ground. So, it’s off to the kitchen to make a big batch of homemade soup to get me through this crap.

See you Wednesday!


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