Potatoes??? And Death

I’m sitting here at work, on my lunch break, and I asked my associate what I should write about today. She looked at me, smiled, and said “potatoes”. Okay…I can do that.

Potatoes. I love them. I could even be considered addicted to them. They are the bane of my existence, especially since I’m trying to lose weight. And they’re really convenient for breakfast, baked in the microwave with a couple eggs, over easy, on top. Ah, well, I must find other things for breakfast…

But Death – I had a wonderful/terrible breakthrough for the climax of Immortal Blood. In order for the heroine/love interest to fulfull the heroic destiny of such characters, she’s got to die. It’s the only way she can get to the Hall of Two Truths to speak to the gods. Bummer, that. But, as the hero, she’s got to step up to the plate.

Doing a lot of prep work still, and it’s coming along well. I got the final scene of “Broken” the other day. It came out excellent, with room for a sequel if the possibility is acted upon.

This will be a short post, as I’ve got to get back to my students. Lunch is over, so I’ll see everyone later!


6 thoughts on “Potatoes??? And Death

  1. I totally had to click on the post to see what the heck potatoes and death had to do with one another. Well done on the plot break through! It's sometimes really hard to make our characters go through awful stuff.

  2. I could not resist that title! Pulled me right in. And now I want to try a baked potato with eggs on top. :DCongratulations on the breakthrough, even though it's going to be hard. Happy writing!

  3. Hmm, must not think about how lovely potato and eggs sound for breakfast *winces at the number on the scale*Yes, yes, moving along! I echo Kait's sentiment that it is often hard to subject our characters to what must happen. I have actually cried while writing some of the bad things that a character has gone through–silly, I know, but . . .It sounds like the writing is coming along well. Here's to an equally productive rest of the week!

  4. Potatoes and death…it occurred to me this morning, as I'm sitting here sans coffee, that it could also be a subconscious reminder of what I should NOT be doing…(g)Hope everyone has a productive, wonderful day!

  5. Followed the link from the ROW80 check-in page, hoping not to find any dead potatoes. Thanks for meeting my expectations.Sounds like the writing is coming along. I'm still waiting for a breakthrough in the tough scenes coming my way in my WIP.

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