Productive – Finally!

Morning, all. It’s been a rather productive week – I’ve plotted all the way through Act I and begun Act II. My word count is abysmal – it’s only around 2,000, but I hope to crank out some more today.

I laid some background down in the first act, showing how much my heroine enjoyed her job. (She’s an Egyptologist on a dig, living in self-imposed exile.) She and her team make a profound, but intriguing, discovery. It’s scientific importance could rival that of King Tut’s tomb. Hayleigh’s trying to keep her glee in check and approach things in a logical, professional manner.

Then she gets “the call.” She refuses. The next scene is being written this morning, right after breakfast. (I’m writing this in a restaurant while waiting for my cohort, Susan. We always have breakfast together on Sundays.)

I did have some writer’s block issues this week. Coincidentally, I also tried to quit drinking coffee. Again. Apparently that’s not a good idea. Once I sat down with hot coffee (yes, it has to be hot), played one game of Free Cell to let my brain detach from the “real” world, the words started flowing again.

Who says coffee isn’t a miracle drug? Woo hoo!!

On a more serious note:

I also started a new blog. It’s called “Eating My Nightmare.” It’s about fighting my way through emotional eating in order to drop some weight and find a healthier place to live my life.

I’ve discovered that lots of people have food relationships that include an emotional component. Most of them, in one way or another, seem detrimental.

Throwing all of this out into the faceless void of the internet may help me, and maybe some other people, too. Feel free to come over, if you’d like.

See you on Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Productive – Finally!

  1. I checked out your new blog. Good for you! I admire your honesty. It takes a lot of courage to put it out there. It sounds like you're really making progress on all levels, and you've also gotten a lot of work done!

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