I’m Baaaaaaccccckkkk…….

Hi everyone!

Final exams are over, and just about all of my students made it through – at least, the ones who put forth the actual effort. So, barring one staff meeting on Wednesday, I’m free for fiction! Woo hoo!!

So, in the midst of finals madness, a weak spot in my WIP struck me. I really didn’t have a good reason for Hayleigh’s research assistant, Nasir, to travel with her back to the US. Then I realized that her countdown for success (or failure and death) wouldn’t begin until AFTER the artifact was translated. And, since Nasir is also part of the Bani Anubis werejackal clan, he MIGHT have knowledge she would need at a critical juncture. So…now he has a reason for being in Rhode Island.

I’m off to my on-campus office in about half an hour to get some work done. It’s so much easier to write away from home – that way, other tasks don’t take my attention from the page. Yay!

See you all on Wednesday!



4 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaccccckkkk…….

  1. I was wondering why Leona would actually marry Steven, too. So a lot of my recent breakthrough has to do with plumbing the depths of her character.And yes, now I know why she married him, in spite of his… um… issues. LOL

  2. Thanks, Alberta. I hope your week goes great too.Julia, isn't digging into your characters fun? Sometimes you find out the craziest things…Off to the office to get some work done…I hope.

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